Untitled Wes Craven Project

When Joshua Patrick Dudley attended the premiere of Scream 4 in Hollywood he made sure to shake hands with one man, Wes Craven. The horror legend was a kind, incredibly warm man and extended a friendly hand to Joshua. Amid one of their Twitter chats, Joshua asked (begged) Mr. Craven to appear in a short film for the StabMovies.com YouTube channel. Mr. Craven agreed and Joshua immediately went to work on a script.

The production would have filmed at YouTube Space L.A. in the summer of 2016 and would have been released that same Halloween. The fact that Wes even agreed to do something with us blew our minds and we're sad that we weren't able to see it all the way through. Hopefully, this script can live on as a testament to the man that everyone at StabMovies.com considers an inspiration. 

The images below were drawn by artist Eric Yoder who had begun to storyboard the short film. He would send images to Joshua, who would color them in PhotoShop and then post the teaser images on various social media outlets.