Production on Theta has been shut down due to a lack of commitment from actors such as Ashley Younger, Catherina Holgado, Sylvia Holgado, Samantha Webb, Vladlen Vronsky, Sydney Atkin, Erica James, Matthew O'Donnell and others. Everything that was filmed for Theta will be released on YouTube eventually. We're sorry to let this film go, it truly was so much fun to film, but dealing with uncommitted actors who don't have respect for production, or their co-stars, is too much to handle and we won't be doing it anymore.

When Jack finds out he's dying, there's only one thing he wants to knock off of his bucket list before he goes: killing his cheating ex. He enlists the help of his best friend, Karen, and the two set out on a murderous rampage. They become known as the "Theta" killers.




Jack Callaghan … Joshua Patrick Dudley
Karen Lawson … Rachel Alexandria Arnold
Grace Williams … Ashley Younger
Will Townsend … Matthew O'Donnell
Bridget Kepner … Sheri Lee
Mud Callaghan … Corey Dudley
Bubbatooie … Danielle Laporte
Adam Holt … Mark Haggett
Sabrina Distefano … Molly Sneden
Troy Mercier … Dave Allen
Maria Delarosa … Angelica Flores
Beaver … Imad Jbara
Olivia Prescott … Samantha Webb
Cody Bishop … Jack Caron
Addison Atwood … Nicole Linton
Tripp Pendleton … Mark Warren McCarthy
Lynlee Karlsson … Valéria Fernández
Spencer Keats … Chris Bethune
Marci Caldwell … Jennifer Rolison
Bryce Foster … Limar Wies
Tiffany Auger … Erica James
Jarrod Duval … Daniel Bucciano
Chuck Dempsey … Brett W. Mallard
Female Cop … Carrie Dinapoli
Male Cop … Andresito De La Cruz
News Anchor … Kaleigh O'Connor
Skull Killer … Scott Plante
Fraternity Brother … George Havanidis
Fraternity Brother 2 … Tim Keane
Fraternity Brother 3 … C.J. Williamson
Sorority Sister ... Kensily Ying
Sorority Sister 2 ... Paige Duffy
Sorority Sister 3  … Kiara Danae
Partygoer 1  … Tina Keane
Partygoer 2  … Katie Keane
Partygoer 3  … Colleen Clancy

Executive Producers
Joshua Patrick Dudley
Rachel Alexandria Arnold

Written by
Joshua Patrick Dudley

Directed by
Joshua Patrick Dudley
Rachel Alexandria Arnold

Special Effects Make-Up by
Daniel Bucciano

Ashley Younger

Script Supervisor
Rachel Alexandria Arnold

Music Supervisor
Joshua Patrick Dudley

Edited by
Joshua Patrick Dudley

Cinematography by
Joshua Patrick Dudley
Rachel Alexandria Arnold



Behind The Scenes