Stab 5

Stab 5 peels back a new layer of reality, this time taking us to a new "real life" where Stab 4: Fresh Blood was just a movie. After two cast members of Stab 4 are brutally murdered, the town of Manchester, New Hampshire is on edge as rumors of a Ghostface mask-wearing psycho quickly make their way around town. Joshua Dudley, Writer and Director of Stab 4, and his Producer, Rachel Arnold, are busily working on their own production of Stab 5 when they receive the news. Deciding the film's production is worth more to him than the safety of his cast, production rolls on.

Stab 4 cast members Audrey Marquee, Jennifer Sue Mallard, Chris Dube, Shannon Nightingale, Amanda Constant, Reanna Warnock, Alex Wenta, Shana Roystan and more are targeted by the copy-cat killer and as more and more of the cast begins to die, confusion and speculation abound. Who would want to kill the cast of Stab 4? Is the killer someone taking their obsession with the Scream films one step too far? Is the killer following the same rules we all know and love? But most importantly, the number one question on everyone's mind... who's next?



Executive Producers
Joshua Patrick Dudley
Rachel Alexandria Arnold

Written & Directed by
Joshua Patrick Dudley

Original Music by
Milen Petzelt-Sorace

Sponsored by
Myths & Maidens - Manchester, NH


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