Stab 2

It's the terrifying sequel to everyone's favorite horror film, Stab! A true story based on the novel "College Terror: The Woodsboro Horror Continues..." by ace reporter Gale Weathers, the thrilling Stab 2 finds lovely young Sidney Prescott (Tori Spelling) at college, trying to put her tragic and horrifying past behind her.

But when history repeats itself, Sidney and her Stab friends must survive dozens of clever twists and turns in a plot that never lets you catch your breath. It's up to Gale Weathers (Jennifer Jolie) and Deputy Dewey (David Schwimmer) to catch the killer before it's too late.

Director Robert Rodriguez and prolific hitmaker Will Kennison deliver again in the freshest, twistiest, mind-blowing roller-coaster-ride ever seen!



Tori Spelling
Jennifer Jolie
David Schwimmer
Joey Garfield
Dusty Penn
Michael Neithardt
Sharon Batton
KC Storm
Lauren Velez
Melissa Breaux
Henry Young
Frank Harris
Vivian Guzman

Directed By
Jerry Rapp

Written By
Will Kennison