Critics are calling "Stab" the scariest movie in years! With the hottest, hippest cast, Stab is the heart-stopping thriller you wouldn't dare miss. Based on the #1 Bestseller "The Woodsboro Murders" by reporter Gale Weathers, Stab tells the true story of a young woman, Sidney Prescott, stalked by a serial killer in a town where anyone could be the next victim... or the next suspect!

Tori Spelling (TV's 90210) stars in this cleverly-plotted thriller, along with an offbeat cast of all-stars , including David Schwimmer (The Pallbearer, TV's Friends) and Luke Wilson (Home Fries). Don't miss this horror movie for the ages, a nonstop thrill ride as hilarious as it is terrifying!



Tori Spelling
Jennifer Jolie
David Schwimmer
Joey Garfield
Luke Wilson
Heather Graham
Austin Croshere
Kathryn Elizabeth
Michael Neithardt

Directed By
Robert Rodriquez

Written By
Will Kennison