Latest News and Updates

Swipe Left 

Our new short movie "Swipe Left" will premiere soon! We filmed this short movie on the spot when most of the Theta cast didn't show up for filming. More details soon!

More Quitters 

Here's some more actors that have backed out of productions last minute, forcing multiple movies to shut down. Again, these are just the actors we have pictures of and they have been added to our "Do Not Cast" list.


In the past, we have hid the behind the scenes drama from our fans. But now we think it's time for full transparency. Our productions get shut down because some actors don't follow through on their commitments, some of them even quitting last minute when they are supposed to be on the set. The following actors all quit Theta during production and there's more that aren't pictured! These are just the ones we have pictures of. So if you're wondering why production on Theta shut down, the following actors are to blame. They are now on our "do not cast" list.

Theta Shut Down 

Well, we've about had it. We've had almost 30 actors quit production while filming Theta and we can't afford to lose any more money because some actors don't like to show up. So, unfortunately, we've decided to shut down production on Theta permanently, and any future productions until we can find actors who are able to follow through on their commitments. We're sorry to let you guys down, but we've already lost over $5,000 because of actors not showing up, we can't afford to lose any more. Just like both versions of Stab 7, we will post everything that was filmed before production shut down.