Directed by: Robert Rodriguez

The original Stab movie closely follows the events of the first 1996 Woodsboro Murders. In this film, a masked killer named Ghostface terrorizes the town of Woodsboro, targeting a group of high school students. As Sidney Prescott becomes the main target, she and her friends must uncover the killer's identity before more lives are lost. The movie's success leads to the creation of the entire Stab franchise.

Directed by: Robert Rodriguez

In the sequel to Stab, Sidney Prescott is now a college student attending Windsor College. A copycat killer begins targeting the survivors of the Woodsboro Murders, recreating the murders from the first Stab movie. As the body count rises, Sidney teams up with new friends to unmask the killer behind the twisted game.

Directed by: Roman Bridger

Production on Stab 3: Return to Woodsboro was shut down in 1999 following Roman Bridger's Ghost Face murders in Hollywood. Following the Windsor College Murders, Sidney Prescott returns to Woodsboro for her father's birthday, unaware that a new killer has been brewing up a storm and that there is one final game to be played and one final mask to be lifted.

Directed by: Robert Rodriguez

In the conclusion to the Sidney Prescott trilogy, a new Stab movie is in production, titled Stab 3: Return to Woodsboro. The cast and crew become targets of a masked killer, who mimics the Ghostface killings from the past films. Sidney, now a reclusive author, is drawn to Hollywood to confront her demons and solve the mystery behind the latest spree.

Directed by: Max Feinberg

In Stab 4: Knife of Doom, the Stab franchise returns to its classic slasher roots. A group of college friends decides to spend their spring break in a remote cabin, seeking an escape from their daily lives. However, their relaxing getaway turns into a nightmare when Ghostface resurfaces, hunting them down one by one. As they try to survive the relentless killer, dark secrets from their pasts come to light, revealing the true reason behind Ghostface's deadly rampage.

Directed by: Max Feinberg

Stab 5: Clock of Doom takes a suspenseful turn, incorporating elements of time pressure and mystery. A group of strangers receives a mysterious package containing an antique clock. Unaware of the deadly game they are about to play, the clock begins counting down, and each tick brings the group closer to a series of deadly tasks set by Ghostface. They must work together to solve the clock's riddles and uncover the killer's identity before time runs out.

Directed by: Max Feinberg

Stab 6: Ghostface Returns brings back the iconic killer for a new round of terror. A group of reality show contestants is invited to a secluded mansion for a Ghostface Survival Challenge. As they compete for a grand prize, they soon realize that the danger is real, and Ghostface is among them, picking them off one by one. Trust becomes scarce as they navigate the deadly game, wondering who they can truly rely on.

Directed by: Max Feinberg

In Stab 7: Knife of the Hunter, the Stab franchise delves into a thrilling tale of survival in the wilderness. A group of hikers embarks on a challenging trek through a remote forest, seeking adventure and camaraderie. Unbeknownst to them, they are being hunted by a relentless and sadistic Ghostface. The group must use their wits and outdoor skills to turn the tables on the killer and make it out of the forest alive.

Directed by: Rian Johnson

In Rian Johnson's reboot to 1996's Stab, the town of Woodsboro is once again terrorized by a copycat killer mimicking the gruesome murders from the iconic Stab film series. Infused with daring social commentary Stab confronts issues of gender, race, and media sensationalism while cleverly exploring the blurred lines between fiction and reality

Directed by: Nate Rayden

Seven films. Seven books. Four real-life killing sprees. What started with the murder of Maureen Prescott led to fifteen years of Ghost Face murders that saw Woodsboro resident, Sidney Prescott, the target of crazy boyfriends, psychotic mother in-laws, a vengeful half-brother and a jealous cousin. Find out the true story and never before heard facts of the Stab film franchise. Starting with Billy Loomis and ending with Jill Roberts.